about us

Rocanda Technologies Inc. was founded by Andrew Romocki on November 19, 2004. Prior to this Andrew had been operating Rocanda Enterprises Ltd., a specialty chemicals company that was in operation for more than 17 years.

It all started when Michael Dallmann, a Rocanda salesman was trying to locate a particularly elusive well. Mike had a Magellan handheld GPS and an antiquated DOS program that converted LSDs to Latitude/Longitude coordinates. Using this system Mike greatly enhanced his ease of finding wells. However, Andrew, thought that this could be improved upon and after 4 months of research and development created the Rocanda GPS bundle.

Andrew's goal was to provide an inexpensive turnkey solution for oil-patch workers so that they may have a simple and accurate tool to find an oil well.

Our Mission

Rocanda's mission is to provide cost effective, value added technology to the Canadian oil industry. In this fashion we strive to enhance individual's quality of life and job satisfaction through the innovative implementation of technology.

We are firm believers in respect, integrity and excellence. Everything we do is built around these core values.

Once you experience our products and services we are confident that it will be the start of a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.