blackberry Help

  • The tabs at the top are used to select which type of conversion you would like to perform
  • LSD denotes Dominion Land Survey Coordinates which comprise of Legal Subdivisions, Townships, Ranges and Meridians
    • To Enter an LSD simply select each field and select the corresponding entry. When you are done select the convert button

    • If you wish to select a Quarter Section Simply select the Quarter and it will automatically change the LSD to the value of 1

  • Once you have selected the convert button you are provided with the latitude and longitude coordinate corresponding to the LSD.
  • To save the coordinate for future use as a favourite please select the star button next to the coordinates that were converted.
    • To view a list of your favourites select the star button in the bottom left corner.

  • To show the coordinate in Google Maps simply click on the globe button on the bottom right corner. This will launch Google Maps on your browser and will display the coordinate as a push pin.
  • To get directions to the pushpin from your current location simply click on the Directions button denoted below

Once you have clicked on the directions button the next screen will ask you for your current location. Simply click the blue arrow to the right to go to the next screen unless your want directions from a location other than your current location. In which case you can simply type them in.

You will now get a listing of driving directions to the location. To view the route on the map click on the map view button

This will provide an overview of the route

If you are satisfied with this route then click on the GPS position

You can now follow the outlined route with your device

For the BC NTS Coordiantes its the same procedure as above except you select the BCNTS tab.

For the Reverse converter simply press the "Get Current Location" button and then press "Convert".