Landtracker Conversion/Rig Locator Software

Landtracker Conversion/Rig Locator Software $40

Specifically for the oil-patch, we provide Rocanda Land Tracker conversion software which will allow you to convert any LSD location into a corresponding latitude/longitude coordinate which you can then input into any mapping program. The program also converts any BC NTS coordinate into a corresponding latitude/longitude. We have also just added reverse conversion ability for any LSD West of the first meridian so you can enter the latitude and longitude of your position and immediately find out which LSD you are on. We have recently allowed you to download a free trial version which you can find below.

The software has the ability to directly export the LSD coordinate into Google Maps.

An example of viewing an LSD in Google Maps

Alternately, you can switch the view to satellite
imagery within Google Maps

Minimum System Requirements for Rocanda Land Tracker Software:

  • Windows 98 or above

  • CD-ROM drive

  • 16-32 Megabytes Ram

  • USB Port

  • 27 Megabytes of free hard drive space

  • IBM-compatible PC with Pentium processor or equivalent

  • Mouse or other pointing device (such as a touch pad)

  • Internet access to register product

LSD Converter

BC NTS Converter

Reverse Converter

Download software

Land Tracker v1.4.1

8 Megs
You can download this as a free trial
and perform 10 conversions.

Landtracker Manual

When installing nRoute or Land Tracker on Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer you may need to run the application as administrator.

To update nRoute or Land Tracker and run as administrator:

  • Download nRoute or Land Tracker
  • Right click on the nRoute or Land Tracker icon
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility Tab
  • Select the box to Run as Administrator
  • Click ok

The nRoute or Land Tracker application should now open in Windows Vista and 7.

Buy Rocanda Technologies Licenses

You will need a registration key to activate the product. Please contact for the registration key or call us direct.